Scallop Research

Scallops are generally sold already shucked and referred to as "scallop meat" which is the most commonly eaten part in North America. It is actually the “adductor” muscle that holds the two shells together and that gets exercised when the scallop swims.

Catching Techniques

Hanging culture relies on either a raft or longline system that floats on the sea surface from which the cultured scallops are suspended, usually on ropes to which they are attached in some manner.

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Harvest Location

Bay scallops are farmed and harvested in an environment-friendly manner from the Bohai Sea, off the east coast of China.

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Scallop Quality

Clear Ocean scallops are sourced from the best ocean locations and from the best producers. Clear Ocean's grading standards, quality inspection and handling procedures in our processing facilities guarantee that Clear Ocean scallops are free of any defects that are often found in our competitors' products.

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