Scallop Quality

Clear Ocean scallops are sourced from the best ocean locations and from the best producers. Clear Ocean's grading standards, quality inspection and handling procedures in our processing facilities guarantee that Clear Ocean scallops are free of any defects that are often found in our competitors' products.

Improper farming, processing or storage methods can lead to unpleasant and unhealthy scallop defects. These include:

Freezer burn

Freezer Burn (Click to Zoom In)


Black sand

Black Sand Contamination


Diseased scallop

Diseased Scallop


Cut damage

Cut Damage





The Clear Ocean Advantage guarantees our customers that Clear Ocean scallops are always premium quality and free of all defects. Clear Ocean's scallops are all natural with no chemical additives.

To prevent the occurrence of freezer burn during cold storage, ice glazing is a significant step to extend the shelf life of scallops. However, unlike some seafood suppliers, Clear Ocean's pack weights are always net product weight excluding the glaze.