Catching Techniques

Hanging culture relies on either a raft or longline system that floats on the sea surface from which the cultured scallops are suspended, usually on ropes to which they are attached in some manner.

1. Bottom trawling (On bottom culture)




2. Pearl Nets (Off bottom culture)

Pearl nets

Pearl Nets

Once scallop spat have been collected, the most common way of growing them further is in pearl nets. Once juveniles have reached a desired size they can be transferred to another form of culture.


3. Lantern Nets (Off bottom culture)

Lantern nets

Lantern Nets

Lantern nets were first developed in Japan and are the most common method of growing out scallops following removal of juveniles from pearl nets.


4. Ear Hanging (Off bottom culture)

Ear hanging

Ear Hanging

Ear hanging methods were developed to be a cheaper alternative to lantern nets.


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